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The Best Bespoke Features Tailored To Your Individual Needs

With 800areacode.net, you can run your business from any device regardless of your location. Just activate your mobile or landline number to direct your calls to your preferred communication method and boost your employee’s productivity levels. Customers will love the straightforward process too!

Obtain Any Area Code For Your Local Business

Whether you want to maintain a corporate presence in your local area and surrounding regions, or an entirely new destination, all you need to do is search for and invest in the most suitable phone numbers.

Utilize Toll-free & Vanity Numbers In Your Marketing Strategy

Toll-Free and Vanity phone numbers are readily accessible for marketing purposes. With these options, 800 Area Code™ ensures that your business appears as professional and reputable as possible since they are optimized for the local area and don’t charge callers.

Delegate Customer Service Tasks To Your Dedicated Virtual Receptionist

Leaders have to prioritize their workload as there are never enough hours in a day. A virtual receptionist is a fantastic tool as it automatically greets customers, answers their initial inquiries, and funnels them to the right service in a matter of minutes. Our virtual receptionist solution comes with unlimited extensions, numerous greetings, and a wide range of voicemail boxes, so it’s tough to beat!.

Respond To Questions And Queries From Any Location At Any Time

800 Area Code™ understands the need for businesses to respond to customers and clients ASAP. That’s why we give your business the option to forward any incoming calls and text messages to your mobile or desk phone. As a result, you can deal with a range of problems even if you’re not at your desk or in the office by tweaking the settings in your 800 Area Code™ account.

Talk & Text Included

Talk & Text Included

Bottomless Calls & Text Messages

Our Fees Are Easy-to-follow As You Only Pay A Single Fee For Your Usage!

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably dreamt of ways to reduce your expenses without impacting quality. At 800 Area Code™, you get the opportunity to pay less for essential services while maintaining a high level of service. With our inclusive flat fee, there’s no reason to worry about overzealous employees leaning on the phone too much, or international calls racking up and costing you a fortune in monthly fees. Instead, you can carry out vital business procedures to enhance your chances of success with the knowledge that there are zero hidden fees or charges. We don’t penalize our customers for attempting to lead their enterprises to a more prosperous future, nor do we encourage you to fret over every dime that could make the difference between dropping into the red. Our solutions are designed to relieve the pressure from your shoulders to let you focus on doing what you do best - serving your base.


Port Your Number

You don’t have to lose your number. Instead, send us an email (info@800areacode.net) and we’ll get you started by transferring the necessary data. No fuss. No Hassle.

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Dreaming Of Success?

Interacting with customers is essential to your long-term stability. However, simply buying and installing phone systems throughout your workspace isn’t enough to encourage your staff to be productive. What you require is a scalable platform that provides you with the tools to act in real-time to improve the user experience and eliminate wastage. Whether it’s advanced call tracking, call recording, contact management, predictive dialing, employee onboarding, or call monitoring, our solutions are wide-ranging. This lets us offer businesses the necessary flexibility to change their subscription based on their specifications. You can connect your company in minutes, opening the firm up to a greater scope of opportunities that are accessible worldwide. We take care of the obstacles!

Professional Presence

Professional Presence

Eliminate Boredom With Our Auto Dialer

Virtual Call Center Software is integral, but that doesn’t mean it can be tedious. At 800 Area Code™, we take the monotony out of dialing numbers all day long by implementing an auto dialler feature. Dialing is the thing of the past when you can rely on automatic calls, predictive dialing options, and call preview technology that makes wastage a thing of the past!

Auto-Text Replies

Automatic Text replies respond to customers instantly, sending them to a dedicated home or landing page, or a platform of your choice.

Track Calls And Evaluate Customer Habits With Analytic Software

Once you know how customers act and why you can tailor your business processes to improve your chances of generating leads and converting them into sales. For example, analytic and call tracking programs let you make calls when your contacts are home, which means they’re more likely to pick up. Analytical software works for your entire advertising effort, so you can gauge its effectiveness from the beginning to the end.

Voicemail Transcription For Increased Accessibility

Listening to voicemails can be challenging as it’s not always easy to keep up with the conversation if the line is poor or there’s a lot of background noise. Our visual voicemail service converts the audio to text and sends it directly to your email account so that you can read your voicemails rather than straining to hear. Aside from increasing your options, this solution ensures you don’t miss out on essential information that may be the difference between success and failure.

800 Area Code™ Mission Statement

We are dedicated to offering phone systems to businesses that eliminate problems and lower costs while boosting success. However, we can only do so much. To benefit, you have to contact us and choose a suitable service that’s tailored to your needs. You’re only a phone call away!

800 Area Code™ Pricing

A Bespoke Pricing Strategy With No Contract Or Setup Fees. Get Unlimited Minutes And Texts With The Ability To Cancel At Any Time

Life is too short to worry about a commercial communication plan. 800 Area Code™ gives you peace of mind with an unrivaled self-service program that includes single monthly payment, no hidden charges, and a business phone service you can trust!


Unlimited Minutes & Text Messaging

Let us take care of your business communication services with comprehensive packages and simple pricing. Your business is waiting for you.

Suitable for all Businesses Suitable for all Businesses

Suitable for all Businesses

A Service That Doesn’t Discriminate By Size!

Far too many phone providers are focused on helping the rich get richer. We think you should be able to scale your company, whether you’re a market leader or SME that wants to challenge the status quo. Therefore, we’ve created an extensive service that doesn’t discriminate. Not only is it incredibly easy to use and manage - you’ll receive communications almost instantly - but it’s affordable and thorough. This puts the control back into the hands of the people who need it the most - the management. Via features such as call tracking and auto dialing, you can empower your employees to go the extra mile for consumers.

Toll-Free Texting For Businesses

A toll-free number enables you to interact with customers through text messages because your business is more than a phone number!

Businesses must cover every base to be successful in the 21st-century. A Text Messaging Online feature that works two ways is exactly what your company needs to interact with customers. Why? It’s because the function lets them contact you about goods and services via their devices. This is the same for toll-free and local numbers. The properties don’t stop there because the autoresponder features means that you also have the option to set up automatic replies to FAQs or common keywords and phrases. Alternatively, you can forward texts to a phone number.

Toll-Free Texting Toll-Free Texting

Toll-Free Texting


We’re happy to let our previous customers explain why our communication services are superior. After all, they’ve tried our solutions and understand what makes them the best on the market!



Small Business Owner

When I launched my startup, I was worried that I wouldn’t have the ability to connect with potential customers and clients. However, 800 Area Code™ erased all my fears within minutes of authorizing my phone and text messages functions. Whether I wanted to save time dialing numbers or forward callers to a different device, I could do it with ease!



Freelance Journalist

Following leads is an integral part of journalism, yet it can be costly in terms of money and time. The flat-fee from 800 Area Code™ means I can make inquiries and chase-up stories without having to worry about my budget and the impact it will have on my bank balance! I was almost instantly closer to my base as I could interact from anywhere at any time due to the wide range of solutions available.



Customer Services Specialist

In customer services, it’s essential to provide a user experience that is smooth and seamless. 800 Area Code™ is the perfect partner as the virtual assistant greets callers and directs them to correct areas of the company. This reduces our agents' need to waste time going over small details, reducing our handling times and ensuring the customer is dealt with quickly and effectively.



Car Mechanic

People want answers to their questions straight away in my line of work because their vehicles are valuable assets. Before I used 800 Area Code™, lots of calls rang through to the landline and my team missed them as we were busy working. Now, the callers are funneled to work cell phones, allowing us to multitask while on the job.



Beauty Specialist

My job means that I’m often out of the store since customers expect home calls. By tweaking the settings in my 800 Area Code™ account, I can switch my preferences to ensure new and current customers aren’t left annoyed if I don’t manage to pick up the phone. I love the flexibility 800 Area Code™ has given my business!



Paper Salesman

I have a local base, but my work takes me all over the country, so it was essential to secure vanity and toll-free numbers to localize my business. Otherwise, it would appear as if potential leads and customers were receiving spam calls and messages, and they’d hang up. However, because my details are optimized for the areas I need to target, business is booming!


Don’t Hesitate; Start Now And Experience What Your Business Has Been Missing

Don’t worry about difficult terms and conditions that are full of jargon. We’ll guide you through the process to ensure there is no confusion or stress.

Easy to Use Dashboard Easy to Use Dashboard Easy to Use Dashboard

Easy to Use Dashboard

Vanity Numbers Available Vanity Numbers Available Vanity Numbers Available

Vanity Numbers Available

Vanity 800 Area Code™

Spell out your business name or products and services with our vanity phone numbers. Businesses love them as they are memorable and add an extra dimension to marketing campaigns.

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